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Estate Planning

The role of the attorney in the estate planning process is two-fold:

  • Review how the assets are titled and advise whether they should be held in trust, in survivorship with one or more people, with a “transfer on death” (or “payable on death”) designation; or solely in the person’s name with no beneficiary.  If a trust is advisable, Joanne is no longer drafting trusts, but is willing to co-counsel with other trust attorneys to establish the trust.
  • Review the person’s assets to discuss how to minimize taxes for themselves and their heirs.

A little planning can save thousands of dollars, either in administrative costs or in tax savings.  No matter the size of your estate, it is worthwhile to review your assets with a professional. Those who have substantial net worth or stock and bond portfolios usually benefit from the services of a financial planner in addition to a review by an attorney.

At the Law Office of Joanne F. Gall, Attorney at Law, Ltd. you will be guided in your estate planning by an OSBA Certified Specialist in Estate Planning and Trusts.   Most attorneys are not knowledgeable about taxes, which is an integral piece of the estate planning process.  Joanne has been representing clients in tax matters since the beginning of her career starting in 1979.

You do estate planning for the loved ones you leave behind.  A good estate plan will insure that everyone still talks to one another after your death.


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