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Trust and Estate Administration Attorney Advises Trustees

Sometimes there are trust assets that need to be administered at the death of a loved one.  Sometimes these are the only assets left by a decedent, but it is common that there are other assets which will need to be dealt with in a probate proceeding.  Joanne F Gall Attorney at Law, Ltd. provides guidance to individuals named as trustees as well as executors of estates. I help ensure that you successfully uphold your fiduciary duties.

Trust administration

Trust administration requires careful attention to each detail of the grantor’s wishes.

She has the extensive experience in all duties expected of a trust administrator, including:

  • Investment of assets
  • Management of assets
  • Preparation of accountings
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Distributions to beneficiaries

A trustee can be personally liable for mistakes or omissions that result in losses for the trust. She offers sound advice to trustees to ensure accurate and complete compliance with all aspects of trust administration. If you have been named a trustee, she strongly recommends that you retain professional assistance from a trustworthy source.

A Trustee will need assistance in:

  • Filing the will with the Ohio probate court
  • Finding and collecting assets
  • Transferring assets from the  probate estate to the trust (if necessary)
  • Paying estate taxes
  • Valuing, managing, preserving and liquidating the trust estate
  • Locating beneficiaries
  • Hiring experts, when appropriate. Preparing the yearly accountings

Estate representatives can easily make mistakes due to inexperience, stress and hasty decisions.  Joanne guides clients through every step of the probate process, with reliable and detailed advice so you can settle our loved one’s estate as efficiently, quickly and easily as possible.

She assists executors with the arduous process of collecting, managing, valuing, protecting and liquidating the assets of the trust estate. When appropriate, she calls upon accountants, financial advisors, real estate agents, property managers and other professionals to assist with executor duties. She can access expert opinions about unique assets such as antiques, rare books, automobiles and other collectibles for accurate valuation, management and possible sale.

Contact an estate and trust administration lawyer who is certified as a specialist in probate and trust by the Ohio State Bar Association

Joanne F Gall Attorney at Law, Ltd. serves clients in Toledo and throughout Ohio. Call 419-474-5678 or contact me online to schedule a consultation.


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